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Close to alphabeticalising the family

The trouble with Littler having arrived a little bit early is that, despite my best intentions, there was a BIG part of me that was hoping that Baby3 would also arrive at the earlier end of the spectrum

There’s also the whole failure to plan (because who plans surprise babies that turn up after you have accepted you aren’t meant to have them and sold all the baby things?) birthday and Christmas collision going on – I really don’t want him to have a rubbish birthday for the rest of his life

I do accept that makes me rather shallow but I have an end January birthday and there’s a point you get to when you’ve been turned down once too often for January parties because everyone is broke/detoxing/not drinking because it is January…

Oh and the small fact that ‘our’ midwife isn’t working for 4 days over Christmas so it’d be nice for him either to come before or hang on until the New Year

This last week has been a flurry of Getting Things Sorted – many many things have been ticked off the list and a lot of those niggly things that have been being ignored have been sorted

Heck we even spent yesterday afternoon doing a massive sort/tidy/reorganise of the girls’ toys (that was fun… not…)

I’ve even nearly finished the knitted all-in-one of doom that has nearly sent me loopy

So what now?

I’ve more or less come to the end of my list of things to do and it feels as if I’m looking into the abyss – no sign of a baby and the awful prospect of everything being ready and just waiting…

I’m not even sure I can create a bunch of jobs to keep me busy

I guess the next step is to alphabeticalise the family and start digging over the veggie patch…

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4 comments to Close to alphabeticalising the family

  • And when you’ve finished alphabetising them, you can take them all down again and arrange them by colour.

    Good luck. Will be thinking of you.

  • Gosh, it’s a hectic time of year to be giving birth too, isn’t it? Well done on getting all your stuff done but hope now you don’t get too impatient!

  • Hey, don’t worry about the little one having a Christmas birthday. I was born on Boxing Day and I was kinda miffed about it a couple of times, especially when I find that most restaurants are shut and friends are often busy doing family things. But I always have a good time every year anyway – lovely food, and some drinks with my favourite people 🙂

    It’s great that you’re so organised. Now you really will have to relax over Christmas!

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