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IMG_8087It’s funny – I’m not sure I ever really nested when I was pregnant with the girls (more ways I guess in which this is more of a ‘normal’ pregnancy than the other two or perhaps just a boy / girl thing?)

It might have been that when I was pregnant with Bigger we were still very much in trying to get the house sorted and there was just so much to do that a bit of surface tidying wasn’t really going to make a big difference when faced with a bathroom where the bath didn’t drain properly because the out-pipe ran uphill or rooms where there was only paint around where the previous owner’s furniture had been… And with Littler, well, it wasn’t really a nesting sort of pregnancy

This time around things have been a little different – two weeks ago I found myself sorting out the pull-out-pantry shelves in the kitchen whilst waiting for a conference call to start, I haven’t sorted those shelves since I put everything into them when we moved back into the kitchen 2 years ago and I haven’t had the urge.  It was as if I had suddenly had some sort of strange tidying spasm hit

This week has been a flurry of finding baby things, washing, ironing, and tidying – space has been made in drawers for baby things, our room is tidier than it has been in aeons, I am even tempted to start sorting out the cupboard under the stairs

I’ve been filling the freezer (ably helped by my two small helpers – turns out lasagne making is reasonably child friendly), filling the cake tins (shortbread, flapjacks and choc chip cookies so far) and fighting a one woman battle against the piles of paper that seem to breed on the side in the kitchen

There’s also a fighting chance that we are (whisper this) almost ready with Christmas presents for our families – I think there is only one more to wrap and a few tags for the girls to sign before handing them over to the elves to distribute

The only things left on the list are sorting out food for the festive period and to finish the all-in-one babygro of doom I’m knitting – I don’t know why it keeps going wrong but I keep having to unpick it, pick up dropped stitches and generally it is far more of a faff than it should be – still I think I have finally got halfway through, just want to get the blasted thing finished so I can move onto something fun to make

So what happens when you have done all the nesting your family can put up with?

Do I move onto the veggie patch or do we think there’s a chance that the baby might actually arrive before the New Year?

If you’re family ignore that last sentence, there’s no chance he’s arriving in the next fortnight so please don’t ask!

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6 comments to Nesting

  • I never had time for nesting either with my two (they both arrived early – not as early as yours, but earlier than I had imagined than they would), but your post has unsettled me a bit. Why? Well this year for the first time in 10 years I sent Christmas cards, have organised the presents and – sound familiar? – am fighting a one-woman battle against the piles of paper that breed on the sides in the kitchen, sitting room, dining room… Only thing is, am definitely NOT pregnant.

    • Hannah Brewer

      Oh heck – you don’t think this means it is nothing to do with pregnancy and we have just evolved into being middle aged???

      Interestingly it appears to be contagious – Mr M has just tidied the kitchen cupboard of doom

  • I didn’t really go into nesting mode at all when I was pregnant with my two. My husband on the other hand managed to contain his excitement/fear by clearing out the kitchen cupboards on more than one occasion.

  • I’ve done presents, wrapping, cards…definitely middle aged. Love that you are nesting, enjoy x

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