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Christmas crafts – holly leaf pompom hair clips

If I am being honest I am not very good at doing crafts with the girls – perfectionism creeps in on my part and I struggle to let them do their own thing, I am trying to be better at it and to use this as a way to spend time together but it’s very much a work in progress

I wanted something that wouldn’t take forever to avoid them getting bored, would have lots of different things to try and would give us something they might use / wear at the end of it

I found some hair clip backs that I’d bought back at the start of the year to make uniform hair slides for Bigger and thought festive hair clips might be the way forward… a bit of felt, some cutting, some sewing and a couple of pompoms made with the INCREDIBLE pompom makers (if a 4 year old can master it then anyone can and it really does take less than 10 minutes for the small ones) and tah dah

holly leaf pompom hair clips

Holly leaf pompo hair clips

Time taken: half an hour or so to make

What you need:

Green felt

Holly leaf template

Sharp scissors

White embroidery thread or wool

Sewing needles

Pompom maker

Red wool

Hair clips (these or these work well)

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