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Now what?

IMG_8085_2Day 1 of maternity leave and I’ve only checked my work emails a couple (of hundred) times…

Starting to write lists and to think of what needs to be organised now – if I write lists then perhaps I might just start feeling as if I have some of this under control

I’ve a HUGE pile of baby things to wash and sort (amazing how much space very small sleep suits take up) and need to move Littler’s clothes out of her chest of drawers to make room (because that’s not going to go badly is it?)

Turns out that we appear to have used all the muslins straining sloe gin and the various other bootleg booze over the last few years and I need to work out where I can buy a small mountain just in case this one is another sicky baby (please please please don’t let this one have a milk allergy, is the fact I’ve gone off tea a sign that he doesn’t like milk?)

Have had to accept I’m not going to finish the shawl I’ve been crocheting in time for Christmas – it’s the size of a bib and far too complicated so has been bumped back to being a birthday present, does mean I’m down a present and totally lacking inspiration of course…

The babygro I’m knitting has two legs which is progress, just not a lot of progress – need to find time for sitting with my feet up knitting

That said I do want to crochet too – have seen pretty Christmas stars that would look lovely up around the house (is the urge to make decorations a sign of nesting?)

Need to make more peppermint creams with the girls (thank goodness for cartons of pasteurised egg whites) and package up to go with the Christmas presents on Friday – managed to make one batch yesterday without falling out, covering the kitchen in icing sugar or them looking too awful

Need to make the lasagnes to go in the freezer Рspag bol sauce has been in the bottom of the Aga over the weekend but need to construct and freeze them.  Also probably a good idea to work out what food we need over Christmas Рhave a nagging feeling that have forgotten something really important but drawing a total blank so far

Need to tidy out the playroom too – not actually sure what the girls have stashed in the drawers and can’t keep ignoring it and not sure the midwife will be happy to have to navigate lego when she visits

Oh and blogging – am sure I was going to use this time to do some blogging…

Probably best to start with another cuppa though, don’t want to tick everything off the list this morning and need to work out when is a good time for my nap too!

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2 comments to Now what?

  • Oh dear God woman… other than being pregnant, you sound just like me! And it’s extremely stressful to hear your list of massively important ‘THINGS’ you need to do! I have lists coming out of my ears too, but no energy to do them and I feel like I am failing my 3 children because I am not all hung-ho about cookie baking and carol singing.

    Please, for both of us, relax and have that cupped – you bloody deserve it! x
    Sarah x

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