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Do I really need to? Will it matter if I don’t?

It’s Sunday morning – the view out of the kitchen is cold, damp and grey

After an uncomfortable evening last night, Baby3 has settled back down again and we’ve managed to navigate Bigger’s spellings for this week without too much falling out

I’m sitting here pondering the to do list for today – half of the weekend is gone and what needs to be done?

I’m shattered at the moment – Baby3 is 34 weeks which seems to be the point in my pregnancies where the baby rather unsubtly suggests that trying to continue the commuting career thing is futile and I need to focus on him, home and not a great deal more

In my head there is a super long list of things that I WANT to get done – Christmas presents still to be sorted, baby things to be organised and then the household chores that seem to never go away – even writing them down is daunting

There’s a lot on the list which is things I feel I should do rather than things that actually need doing – yes we probably should have a big sort out of the girls’ toys but will it really matter if we don’t?

Yes we should probably prune back the lavender around the beds outside but does it have to be done this weekend?

Yes I should try and work out some sort of plan around food for Christmas but is today the day it has to be done?

And increasingly I’m not convinced that today really is the day that any of these things are more important than making sure I manage to have a nice nap – the world won’t end if they aren’t done, yes it would be nice to cross them off the list but they’ll only give way to more things if I do and instead I could sit here, grab one of my Christmas knitting projects and quietly sit down with a cuppa and my book

There’s always tomorrow, most things can wait (well apart from wrapping the birthday presents for the parties today I guess) and perhaps it is time to be a little less hard on myself

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