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Sick of being public property

Presumably I missed the part on the form you get to tick when you get pregnant where you agree that anyone and everyone can tell you whatever pops to the front of their mind? I assume it was next to the boxes where you can specify that you’d like a child that sleeps?

Or is it just that most people are just really rather rude?

Part of the problem may be that it feels as if I suddenly got parachuted into being 6 months pregnant – not really telling a lot of people before 22 weeks did mean that I went from not pregnant to pregnant overnight and from no bump to bump equally fast

I find myself on the receiving end of comments about the size of my bump – yes I am sure that there is only one baby in there but you know what, after 2 pregnancies I don’t have a lot of tummy muscle left so guess what I have a bump!

I’ve had people suggest I’m putting on too much weight which is helpful, especially when I’m only just back at my pre-pregnancy weight (admittedly there were a lot of misery pounds that I shouldn’t have had there but even so….) – I’ve had to give up running now so the only way my weight is going is up and you know what, pregnant women put on weight

Then there’s the comments about what I eat and drink – should I be having that coffee, cheese, glass of wine? Because obviously I lost the ability to make decisions around the time I conceived a baby

And the comments about wearing high heels and how I shouldn’t expect a seat on the train unless I brand my forehead with the fact I’m expecting

Added to all of this is the apparent assumption that at least half my brain has been eaten by the baby – instead of being treated like an adult, a person who can make informed choices and who has ownership of their body I am treated like a particularly dense child with the attention span of a goldfish (ok the attention span thing might be rather too close to the truth)

And I am sick of it

Be warned this pregnant lady is inwardly fuming and the next foolish person who steps over the line and comments on what is really not their business at all had better watch out. I don’t carry those knitting needles just to make Christmas presents with you know….

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