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Embracing autumn

A cold and damp weekend – the seasons seem to have changed and Autumn is here – instead of feeling that summer is over, I’m now focused on embracing Autumn and enjoying this season

Today the fire is lit in the stove, I’ve been foraging outside and batch cooking – lasagnes, peach preserve, apple and blackberry crumbles – the freezer is filling up

My making things list is gradually being worked through – lots of presents this year are going to be made and new lovely things keep catching my eye, I REALLY want to find another couple of hours in the day so I can speed through and start on making lovely things for our little arrival

That’s the bit that I’m trying to ignore – 25 weeks pregnant means 14 weeks until Christmas and a scarce 15 weeks (assuming he arrives on due date like Bigger did, I’m ignoring the fact that Littler was a week early) until the baby arrives – I’m in denial, we haven’t even started to think about the logistics around Christmas let alone the logistics around a small baby… oops

Embracing Autumn

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