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Back to earth with a bump

seaside sunsetOn paper taking the last 10 days of the summer holidays off and only heading home on the Sunday before school started seemed like a really good way to sneak in a bit more time off

Of course that piece of paper wasn’t the one on which I had written the list of things we needed to get done before going back to school and so a few little things like buying new school shoes, sewing in name tapes and putting all the bits of the holiday diary in the same folder leapt out from behind the middle of last week and slightly surprised me – oops

But we got there – yesterday morning we packed a summer’s worth of things back into our car, said goodbye to the beach and the rocks and sea and crossed our fingers for a record breaking fast trip home

This morning was our first morning back – me to the office and Bigger to Year 1 – a bit of a shock to the system to go from crocs and wetsuits to blazers and pinafores (her) and to go from afternoons crocheting on the beach to work meetings and suits (me)

The weather seems to have suddenly decided it is autumn too – perhaps this is the seasonal nudge for us to start thinking about jams, chutneys, warm jumpers, log fires and where I put my socks

Thud – yup we’re back to normal, just need to remember what normal is supposed to look like!

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