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24 weeks down

Funny how different this pregnancy is from the one we had with Littler – last time around we were counting down to 24 weeks, to the first milestone where the doctors would try to save her if she arrived, I’d already had time on bed rest – this time 24 weeks almost leapt out at me from behind a rock

There has been so much else going on – I have finally told work about the pregnancy, just before 2 weeks away from the office – interestingly during those two weeks my bump seems to have doubled in size and I’ll be going back to work with something that looks like more than a few indulgent dinners under my jacket

Talking of jackets, the downside to having sold all of my maternity clothes on eBay earlier in the year is that I’ve been trying to make do with my normal clothes and they are no longer really up to the challenge – in a fit of maternity clothing induced rage (why is so much of it so dull?) I started to make a jumper/poncho, something to cover up and keep me warm – I’ve not managed to find a pattern I like and am onto the third unravel and redo attempt – suddenly handing over hard cash for a completed item seems like a sensible plan, or it would if I wasn’t 2/3rds of the way through this blasted thing

Suddenly I realise I should start to feel pregnant – that I should start to accept that this ever increasing bump and this incredibly active thing inside are going to lead to something – I’ve spent so much of this pregnancy not really able to accept this is happening and yet here we are with 16 weeks, give or take, left and in all likelihood a baby arriving at some point

I need to start thinking properly about plans for maternity leave, about sorting out the very little baby things from the few remaining bags of baby things left in our loft, and to start thinking about welcoming this little one

Perhaps the only way is to start making things for him – to spend time focused on THIS baby and his arrival and to let everything else become outside noise – please let me have links to lovely little boy things to make and I can start on a wish list

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  • Why are maternity clothes so dull? The best of a bad bunch I found was the Mamas & Papas range, but even then they had a couple of vomit-inducing slogan t-shirts that I wouldn’t have given birth in let alone wear on a day to day basis. Good luck finding some stylish bits to wear – have you looked at Isabella Oliver?

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