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9 years

We’ve been married for 9 years today – together for 16 next month which just seems an incredibly long amount of time

9 years – that’s nearly 3,300 days

8 pregnancies

2 children and 1 on the way

2 different homes

3 jobs for me

Funny how life changes, evolves and we change and evolve

I’m not sure if 9 years ago, getting ready to get married I’d have ever imagined where we find ourselves today – if I could have looked forward into the future if we would have made the same decisions and found ourselves in the same place

A year ago we were in a very different place and I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep going for another year and yet here we are – life is happier despite being tougher in so many ways, we seem more together as a team and I feel that there is a strong chance we’ll make it through the next year (despite the impending disruption of another small baby) and into the future together

Looking in the mirror we are both a lot older, grey-er, wrinklier but I think richer for all that has happened over these last years

Happy anniversary Mr Muddling

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