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5 lovely things – summer holiday edition

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongHere we are – the summer holidays are waning, patience is thinning and the weather is beginning to feel a lot less like summer so take 5 minutes out of your day to grab a cuppa and enjoy a few lovely things I have tripped over on my way around the internet recently


One to do

Great tips on how to photograph older children – you know the ones who ALWAYS pull silly poses… Looking directly at you here Bigger

One to try

I’m always on the search for easy updos, not entirely convinced that a belt is the new hair accessory but here’s three new ones to try


One to put on the wish list

Ok so first I need a nice old fashioned bicycle, but then I am so asking Mr Muddling to make me a bicycle bar!


One to waste 5 minutes on

Strangely they haven’t got pictures of my entire team turning up in matching blue check shirts but love these pictures of matching office outfits


One to make

I love popcorn – make it yourself and avoid the nasties (but don’t take the lid of the pot if you don’t want to be chasing popcorn around the kitchen… or get hit in the face by exploding kernals…) – apologies in advance of including this recipe for caramel popcorn – yummy is NOT the word

And this isn’t a bad tip for how to avoid those unpopped kernels

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