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HG – 3rd time ready

It’s funny how the hormones work – whilst I can sort of remember how things were back in the 1st trimester of this pregnancy, it feels as if a lot of detail has been quietly erased without me noticing

It was much the same last time around – intellectually I know that I struggled with HG/hyperemesis and that I ended up in hospital on a drip and on various medications

This time around I really wanted to try and avoid the drugs if I could, mostly because we just didn’t know what had triggered the problems we had had with Littler and avoiding anything that might have been linked to the problems felt like a good way of trying to avoid another extended period bedrest

This time we were both ready – so yes, I had HG again but in some ways it wasn’t quite as bad and we managed to avoid hospital, just, it was a close run thing at times

N was a star – bullying me into eating a bite here, a bite there. Nagging me to make sure I had a sip of water or some cucumber or an ice cube regularly to stave off dehydration. Pointing out where the loos were and putting up with me running off to vomit after every ‘meal’

The girls were great too – one particularly low point was a long drive up to Wales and having to share a toilet cubicle at the service station and then patting my back and holding my hair whilst the inevitable occurred

Admittedly I did have a week where I didn’t do much except sit / lie by the toilet, I did have to start being creative about where I went to throw up at work to avoid it becoming obvious and it was still very very miserable

I did lose around 10% of my weight, but fortunately this time around I had excess weight that wouldn’t be missed and it did help with hiding the pregnancy that my girth reduced visibly

So what to learn – be ready for it, being ready somehow seems to help (I had assumed with Littler it would be better second time around and that might have been my downfall), and accept that you aren’t going to eat properly so eat whatever you can (I could just about stomach white toast and butter – not a balanced diet but better than nothing), and make sure you are having a sip of water or crunching an ice cube as often as possible

Accept that throwing up doesn’t make you feel better but can give you 15 minutes to keep something down afterwards (you won’t feel like eating but this is about survival nothing more)

And clear your diary – go to bed as early as you can, accept that you will lose 3 months to doing nothing at all and that you will be miserable

It will pass – hopefully sooner rather than later

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