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It’s a…….

… healthy and happy little baby – everything is functioning as it should be, everything is in the right place and the best best best news is that our (my? Its?) placenta looks wonderful and healthy

I don’t know if it is anything to do with all the running I’ve been forcing myself to do after reading that exercise can help placental development or just that this time around we have got a more compatible set of somethings but there is no calcification, no signs of damage and this time around it is in the right place – it feels like a weight has lifted, unlike with the Bigger where the placenta was too low and we had to fret about it not shifting out of the way and unlike with Littler where the placenta was already starting to fail at this stage, everything looks fine and there is no reason to worry and I can hopefully now relax and start to accept that after everything it looks like we will be welcoming a late Christmas present

Oh and did I mention it is a boy


I feel a bit strange about a blue version – we have bags of lovely girl things in the roof and I’ve only got experience of one type of baby – all part of the great big adventure we have to look forward to I guess, and an excuse to find lots of lovely not-pink things to make for this one

There’s no longer any reason to hold back on sharing our news, I feel as if I can finally start to relax and believe that this might all work out ok – so who has suggestions for boy’s names then?

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33 comments to It’s a…….

  • Fantastic news lovely, I know all about non shifting placentas, I had suspected Previa with Scarlett, thankfully all good. So pleased you can finally start to relax and enjoy. A boy, and a Capricorn, fantastic 😉
    Annie xxx


    That is SO cool! Congratulations on a boy!

    So pleased that everything looks how it should!

    Guess the next task will be sorting out the unisex pieces from those pink pieces! 🙂 x

  • Kara

    Congratulations lovely – fantabulous news.
    Blue ones are gorgeous but watch out for nappy time – take your eye off the ball for a second and you’ll get a shower lol

  • I am so pleased that everything looks good and healthy. It must be a huge wait off your shoulders. It is wonderful to hear that things are as they should be. Oh and boys are wonderful (well all babies are wonderful)!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Am sure boys are wonderful – think it is going to be a wonderful adventure to watch them all growing up together and how the girls learn to deal with a blue version!

  • How exciting! Glad everything’s fine. I feel like the placenta belongs to both mother and baby. Boys don’t know they’re wearing “girls” clothes when they’re 3 months old. 😉

    • Hannah Brewer

      I’m sure I read somewhere that it belongs to both of us back when I was trying to work out if Littler or I was ‘responsible’ for it not behaving last time around

  • Yippee for such good news. I’ve only got girls myself so boys are just as much of a mystery to me – good luck!

  • snafflesmummmy

    yippie. So pleased you can relax a little now. I suspect you will notice little different between having a boy other than they pee on you!

  • Tim

    Fantastic news! If it helps, the lists of most popular baby names for 2012 was published yesterday. You can dwnload the boys’ names spreadsheet if you click on ‘reference tables’ at this link … http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/vsob1/baby-names–england-and-wales/2012/index.html

  • Jessie

    Originally, in the dim and distant past, pink was considered the ‘boy’ colour. It is only in recent times that we have felt the need to make ‘all things girl’ be pink. You of all people should be oblivious to this gender coding!
    Congratulations on the wonderful news

    • Hannah Brewer

      Which is exactly what I’m going to say when he is dressed in whatever comes to hand – afterall doesn’t childhood amnesia exist until age 2 so we can get away with dressing him in whatever so long as there are no pictures!

  • AGH! Amazing news – so happy for you. And a boy! Fabulous. So exciting. x

  • Many congratulations! What an adventure with girls and now boys – oh how lucky he is to have sisters…you may niot have princesses and things all opink and fluffy but you will soon know everything there is to know about Bob the Builder and of course Thomas the tank engine!!!!

  • Such good news for you all. So many congratulations. Ask me what you want about boys – although I dressed mine in a lot of pink when they were babies as a lot of my handdowns were from my female cousins. The toddler boy I know with 2 older sisters puts his own hair into bunches and dances in pirouettes.

    Hope you continue to feel blooming – and after such a journey to get to this point you must be absolutely thrilled.

    Much love, Pants.x

  • ahhhh, the joys of being peed in the eye during nappy changes will soon be yours! congratulations my lovely!

  • CONGRATS!!!!!! How much fun are you gonna have. I’ve never been one for gender roles so Sprout has all sorts of toys and clothes. She gets called a boy on occasion but that’s happened even when she was wearing a dress so it can’t always be her clothes. lol. As for names, I’m currently in love with Arthur, Sebastian, Morgan, Ford, Marc, and Flynn.

    • Hannah Brewer

      Aren’t we – getting used to the idea now and excited that we get to do something different (or maybe just having another will be different too)

  • wonderful news. So glad all is well x

  • Huge congrats, fantastic news! How wonderful it is a boy too. Exciting times ahead! x

  • Oh a boy!! What fun. You’ll be an expert on the various parts of the JCB digger, and the names of the Thomas the Tank Engine trains in no time at all! Hurrah for gender stereotyping.

    And the Thomas the Tank Engine trains are a good source of inspiration if you like nice old-fashioned boys’ names! Thomas, James, Henry, Gordon… So long as you don’t end up with Skarloey.

    Now we’re in Scotland, I’m exposed to lots of those good solid Scottish names, and I must say, they are very splendid. Alexander, Douglas, Hamish, Fraser, Angus, Cameron, Finlay, Fergus etc (Hang on… is Fergus Irish or Scottish?)

  • Oh brilliant brilliant lovely wonderful news! And sorry i’m so late in finding out – blogging has taken a back seat recently.

    Wecome to the wonderful world of boys! I admit I (secretly) really wanted another girl when we were expecting M – how could I inflict THREE big sisters on a boy?! – but it’s absultely wonderful, with wheels on (as he would say).

    Positive news: I have still never been weed on, although as we are beginning to think about potty training that’ssurely only a matter of time.

    And I can confirm that lots of “girls” clothes work fine – just as long as you’re not too fussy about pink stitching and floral lining that is!

    I like all Iota’s names too… And what are you going to call him on the blog as well?!

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