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Life is a bit strange at the moment – it’s being lived in two places and at two different paces

During the week I am living at home all on my own, going to work, doing the usual work things and returning home to an empty house

At weekends I am up in Wales with the family doing time on the beach, BBQs, bonfires, walks and being all together

In between I have long train trips full of work reports, emails and then the bliss of a book and my current crochet or knitting

At weekends I can be visibly and happily pregnant, during the week I’m still hiding my bump and holding off telling work (hopefully only for another 10 days or so)

This week I’m determined to make my alone time count – to not sit and worry about being alone and lonely – to make some more lovely things, to make more plans and to spend time doing things I enjoy so when the time comes to catch the train back I am ready to embrace the contrasts and not to be unsettled by them

 But look – I have all this to look forward to when Friday comes around!

Boat watching


Stipped knitting


Sandcastles on the beach


Fruit cake


Littler and the beach truck

Rainbow bunting with Bigger


p.s. the fruitcake is by the lovely One Handed Cook and is as fabulous as she implies (and really very easy)

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