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A bit of an update

Things have been a bit quiet around here for the last few weeks – it’s been the result of a really busy patch at work and then a holiday carefully arranged somewhere with very little mobile phone coverage – I’ve also struggled to write, I want to but am finding I just can’t get the words right

Without having really noticed I seem to have managed to get halfway through my pregnancy – it still feels strangely unreal, ok utterly unreal and that is despite the littlest being incredibly active – presumably because my tummy muscles are shot even Mr M has managed to feel him/her squirming away

Part of the unreal thing is linked to this being the time when we have had problems before – part of me can’t believe that we will manage to get through these next weeks without something horrid happening and part of me is still hopeful – time will tell and we have a scan on Monday that will hopefully show a happy, healthy small person in there

I’ve still not told work – I’m waiting for a meeting with my boss that keeps being put back and don’t want to tell them too soon, admittedly I do have to tell them in early September

I think I’m managing to hide away my burgeoning bump under a very limited number of scarves, jackets and loose blouses – it’s been a relief to have a holiday and to be able to be visibly pregnant! It may just be that my colleagues are unobservant but I think I’m managing to get away with it

Nothing here



Other than that not too much to report – I’m hoping that life continues to be uneventful and I’m hoping that getting through next week might unlock my blogging block

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