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In a sort of limbo

It feels at the moment as if I’m stuck in a sort of limbo – there are lots of things that are going to happen but nothing much is actually happening

I don’t really feel pregnant any more – I have stopped being sick which is WONDERFUL and apart from being shattered I don’t really feel anything.   I’m 15 weeks already but don’t really feel anything – it’s a very strange sensation

It isn’t helped by the decision not to tell work quite yet…  I have until September to let them know and have wanted to hold off for a variety of reasons, most linked into not quite trusting them to behave quite as they ought.  The trouble is that it means I’m trying to hide my bulging tummy and I can’t share with the handful of people I really want to – I hate keeping secrets.  I’ve got two weeks to go until I have some time off and am desperately hoping that I can keep things under wraps (and baggy blouses) until then without anyone working it out

Nothing to see here

That pre-holiday feeling doesn’t help much either – two weeks to go until our summer break and I cannot wait!  Trouble is that I am stuck between having a few things that need to be done before then but not having quiet enough to keep me fully busy but not wanting a brand new, terribly busy project to turn up and ruin our holiday…

There is also a brand new and exciting project which is hopefully going to kick off over the summer – I can’t say anything about it (did I mention I hate keeping secrets) and deadlines keep being pushed back and I’m not good when I can’t start to make lists and plan…

So in the meantime I’ve been focusing on a few good things rather than the long list of Thing I Can Do Nothing About Yet

Enjoying looking at my new HUGE flower cushion and keeping the girls from crushing it before I’ve had time to at least bask in a job well done

Crochet blanket and cushion

Starting on a few colourful crochet projects to add a bit of colour and prettiness around the place

Colourful crochet

Enjoying the garden and the fact it is finally starting to look under control and full of cottage garden prettiness – it has taken 5 years to get to a stage where I don’t just see a long list of jobs when I step outside the back door

Benevolent neglect


Cottage garden delights

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4 comments to In a sort of limbo

  • I dont envy you trying to hide it in this weather! I managed to keep mine secret until 25 weeks from work, but this was helped along by a baby hiding in the back and the fact it was Winter so wore many layers!

    Love those colours in the garden! Wish my garden job list would just do itself! x

  • Your garden is gorgeous.

  • So much beauty in your life and home right now! I know what you mean about keeping it from work. I kept it from clients for a very long time last time…probably til 20 weeks? But it wasn’t hard because I had limited face to face time anyway. Hope they do behave as they ought when it comes time to say. Congratulations again!

  • Snaffflesmummy

    Looks well hidden. Your house and garden look beautiful

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