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7 years bad luck…

I knocked my magnifying mirror off the side in the bathroom this morning and smashed it…

We really, really don’t need 7 more years of bad luck

So far today my phone has fallen out of my pocket and the screen is smashed to smithereens – I have no idea what will happen next and am beginning to feel tempted to crawl under my desk and hide for the next 7 years

The internet is proving absolutely no help in providing definitive advice on how to counter broken mirror bad luck – does anyone have any advice?

Was really hoping that we might be due a run of good luck for a change


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  1. Ignore it. Its superstition. Which is silly. You’re clumsy because you’re pregnant. And that’s brilliant. And so really its good luck. Because you wouldn’t be clumsy if you weren’t. So ner.

    • All good points – thanks

  2. What Tiger in Space said. Pure superstition.

    • Rationally I know that but…

  3. I broke a mirror when I was 16, but the years between 16 – 23 weren’t noticeably any luckier or unluckier than any of the others have been. Does that help?

    • That helps – am now up to 3 bad things so hopefully done and can move on just being normally unlucky


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