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Cheesy hidden veg ‘snot’ bites

Cheesy hidden veg snot bitesI don’t know about you but despite my best efforts there still seems to be a huge reluctance amongst 75% of my family to not eat anything that looks like a vegetable

Over time I have discovered that adding cheese to most things improves the chances of getting it past the vegetable police – add in a silly name and most of them will suddenly decide that they rather fancy them – make it something that sounds truly vile (these were dragon snot for Saturday lunchtime….) and they’ll ask for seconds…

Needless to say I remained entirely silent about the amount of green vegetables hiding behind the cheese and which ones had snuck in without anyone noticing (hello courgettes!)

These store in an airtight box in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze really well – I tend to make a big batch when I discover we’ve got heaps of veg that needs using up – the proportion of the ingredients is only a rough guide


Cheesy hidden veg ‘snot’ bites

2 or 3 cups of grated / chopped up green veg – I use broccoli, kale and courgette

Roughly half the amount of the green veg in grated cheese

Breadcrumbs – a cup or so

2 eggs to bind it all together


Grate everything into a big bowl and add the eggs – mash together with a spoon and then get in a squidge it all together with your hands

Pull out walnut sized chunks and roll into a ball in your hands – then press into a flat circle onto a lined and greased baking tray

When you have filled a tray bake at 200 degrees C for about 10 minutes each side, until golden brown on top, and the flip over and give the other side about 10 minutes

Pull out and let cool to a temperature that won’t burn small mouths – try and stop your husband eating them all as a pre-dinner snack

Serve as you would normal veg for small people and consider serving as a posh snack for bigger people – they really are totally yummy

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2 comments to Cheesy hidden veg ‘snot’ bites

  • Have saved this recipe and will try it out as we’re having vegetable issues in this house too.

  • I’ve just noticed this today as well, trouble is that I’ve got 25% of the family not touching cheese (and as a vegetarian, it’s actually already tricky to cook without cheese). So whichever way it seems I have to consider making 2 versions of the same meal… I’ll definitely try these out they look tasty!

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