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So blessed – thank you

I wasn’t quite sure what the reaction would be when I put up yesterday’s post – having been stuck in our little two person worry bubble for so long we had sort of got dislocated from the rest of the world

We had really worried about what the reaction to our news would be – on paper there are rather a lot of reasons why it isn’t a terribly good idea, not least because the maternity package my current employer offers isn’t terribly good and N is still searching for a job. Yes next year has the potential to be a little tricky but we think it is something we can get through – after all, having been offered this wonderful change of direction surely we should embrace it completely and happily

I was blown away with all the lovely things people have said – knowing that I’ve had your support during our journey over the last few years has been invaluable to me, despite the misery I have been so lucky to know that there were always people reading and hoping that we would have a happy ending

I am planning on saving the post and the comments (I will reply to them all, just give let me get over getting all teary when I read them) and showing them to this little one – look how many people are surrounding you in love, even before you were born!

I am still baffled as to what has happened differently this time – it may be that Mother Nature has a warped sense of humour and I’d thrown away enough of the baby things or that I had finally found a place where I could pick up a friend’s baby without feeling an almost unbearable wave of loss and envy or it may be that we have finally had enough throws of the genetic dice and got a combination that my body can accept – who knows but I am convinced that the wave of support, love and please let it turn out ok that you have sent in my direction has helped

And for that I am incredibly grateful – thank you so much

I don’t know what the next stage of our journey will hold – I am finally starting to hope and dream about what life might be like at some point after Christmas – I hope you will join me on that journey and be there to share it with us

There’s also the small matter of a terribly long list of lovely things to make for this new arrival – please feel free to share links for little things of cuteness for me to add to my list

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