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Were schooldays the best days of your life?

Today my old school is holding a big bash, over 300 former pupils are going to be going along for speeches, tours and general reminiscing

I’ve decided not to go

There is a small part of me that thinks I should have made more of an effort to find a friend to come along and hold my hand and to go along.  That part was mostly cancelled out by sitting back and accepting that my schooldays were a LONG time ago, I have lost touch with almost everyone I went to school with and school for me was not the high point of my life to date

I know many people look back fondly at their schooldays but I’m not one of them – yes school was in many ways good for me, I came out of it with reasonably good exam results, a place at a university I wanted to go to, I was what my Gran called ‘nicely spoken’ and I knew how to make small talk whilst juggling a cup and saucer and a sticky bun

Yet despite all of that I’m not sure I’d ever say that my schooldays were particularly happy – I can remember the odd moment of things feeling as if they had dropped into place (being fit enough to run up all the flights of stairs to the top corridors without getting out of breath, all of the theories in my economics class suddenly dropping into place and making sense) but mostly I felt a bit out of place and not quite fitting in

I don’t know how much is natural adolescent awkwardness, how much was to do with arriving a year later than most people into the senior school and experiencing a massive case of culture shock or how much is just that I didn’t really fit in

Either way, I don’t seem to be able to look back and feel that going back is a good thing – I can see it has the potential to be terribly awkward, to reawaken insecurities I have worked hard to move on from and for there to be an awful lot of that competitiveness thinly veiled as ‘so what have you been up to?’

Perhaps it is a mistake not to go – what would you have done?

Were schooldays the highlight of your life or just a period of time you had to serve until you could grow up and move on?

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10 comments to Were schooldays the best days of your life?

  • Jem

    Hated school. Make a deliberate effort not to connect with old school “friends” on facebook etc and would certainly not attend any reunions. Thank f*** it’s over!

  • I’d hate to think they were the best days of my life – how sad to have had them so early on. I’m in touch with just one school friend who is also godmother to my younger daughter, and I’m quite happy with it that way. I don’t generally bother with reunions – too expensive for my means for one thing!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Actually that is a good point – part of me did resent pay £20 for something I’d probably hate (and then what on earth do you wear???)

  • I do still have friends from school and for that reason I would be tempted to go to a reunion. However, I do have to say that my school days were definitely not the best years of my life. My adult years have definitely been happier.

  • It’s funny, my school is also organizing a reunion and I have very mixed feelings. On one hand I am interested to go along and see everyone, but at the same time those years were definitely not particularly happy ones for me, and I don’t hark back to them fondly. So I’m very much on the fence.

    • Hannah Brewer

      Exactly what I was feeling – part of me wanted to find out what everyone else has done and the other part wanted to hide under my duvet!

  • Tim

    I enjoyed school for the most part but I lost touch with all my old schoolmates during the course of my university years, not out of any sense of dislike or shame or wanting to preserve a rose-tinted view of the world, but just because, well, it happened, and it did so for a reason. Namely that I grew up, moved on and developed a whole new set of friends.

    I *have* been to uni reunions a couple of times – the first time it reminded me exactly why I hadn’t kept in touch with 90% of them, and the second time I went and spent the evening with the 10% I did like with whom we’d organised to come, not because we felt any need to be back in our old stomping ground but because it gave us a focal point to actually get our fingers out and get everyone back together again.

    I’ve always been one for looking forwards rather than back, anyway, except when it comes to music, in which case I’m mired in the mid t0 late 80s!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Is a good point – why get stuck in the past when you can look forward, actually when you think about it, moving on and not spending too much time focused on the past is a good thing

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