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Petition for an extra hour in the day

To whoever is in charge of time and space and all that sort of stuff,


We the undersigned are petitioning for the creation of an extra hour in the day

Please note that this hour is only to be created AFTER the children have gone to bed (and stayed in their bed) we have no interest in extending the suicide hour of the late afternoon or spending another hour of our lives explaining that our little people cannot have another drink of water / snack / bedtime story / cuddle / check if the TV still works [delete as appropriate]

This hour is to be dedicated as parent recuperation time and is to be used for catching up on lost sleep, doing those things that never seem to get crossed off the to do list (have you SEEN the size of my mending pile?), drinking one more glass of wine that is strictly advisable on a school night and engaging in long gossips with friends that we donโ€™t normally get time to chat to. It can also be used for collapsing on the sofa doing absolutely nothing in sheer bone deep exhaustion if the situation requires it. It is absolutely not to be used for sewing in name tapes, loading or unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom or picking up toys

Under certain exceptional circumstances this hour can be used for adult conversation, canoodling and trying to remember what sort of relationship you had before you had children

This extra parental hour will have a profound positive impact on the wider population and will increase familial happiness many times over reducing shoutiness, short tempers and swearing after standing on small pieces of plastic or Lego

Thanks ever so much โ€“ if you could let us know by return when we can expect this to start weโ€™d be terribly grateful


Mrs Muddling x


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