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How to get back my zing?

I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired – properly bone, could quite happily curl up on the floor under my desk and sleep tired

This week has been a long slog – meetings starting before 8am (why oh why oh why?) and long days spent rushing around fighting fires and trying to persuade people to act like grown ups not a bunch of toddlers who are refusing to share the same toy

I have totally failed to get a doctors appointment to see if there is any medical reason why I feel so rubbish

To digress for a moment, is it just me who struggles to get to the doctors? You can book advance appointments but you can only book a couple of weeks ahead so getting an early morning appointment means you need to call as soon as they open and that usually coincides with needing to work. And they don’t take calls at lunchtime when I can make a call whilst popping out for a sandwich and by the time I leave in the evening they have gone home? I refuse to pay £35 to see the private work GP (not least because I’d like some continuity of care) but I can see the attraction

I’ve started taking vitamin D supplements on the basis that I’ve not seen sunshine in 6 months and I don’t get outside much so any help there might be appreciated and I’m taking a multi-vitamin to try and counteract a diet that is mostly eating dry sandwiches whilst trying to talk intelligently to whichever toddler has got hold of the toy and is brandishing it

But I lack zing

I want to do more than just live life on a treadmill of sleep, dress, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep

The paperwork is complete (in a surprisingly fast time given how long it took them to sort it out going the other way…) and I’m back full time next month which is not going to help things much really

I’d like a social life but am not sure I can stay up late enough to go out, I’d like to find a way to catch up with friends so they don’t think I’ve become a hermit, I’d like to be ticking things off my to do list and I’d like to feel a bit of bounce in my step

Any ideas?

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14 comments to How to get back my zing?

  • no ideas, but watching this space in anticipation. It’s totally how I feel, and I’ve been running around with a half tooth for months because I don’t have the time to get a dentist appointment or even actually go to the dentist. My mantra is that things will get easier, not sure if it’s true but believing it makes it all bearable.

    • Hannah Brewer

      Gosh that is not good – but I know what you mean about just not being able to squeeze things in

      This will pass – soon hopefully

  • clare

    Could you be anaemic? I’ve been exhausted and happened to mention when at Drs with one of the children and he sent me for a blood test, turned out to be very anaemic. Has made a difference as I build up my iron.
    My surgery has started offering appointments Saturday morning. Could you face changing to a bigger surgery who may be more accessible for you?
    Good luck, your zing will find you again Cx

    • Hannah Brewer

      I don’t think so but one to check out, we don’t really eat red meat any more

      Do need to do some research to try and find a more lifestyle family GP – trouble is looking after yourself is always so far down the list

  • Tim

    No advice, but this sounds depressingly familiar. Small consolation – okay, NO consolation – but you’re not alone in this respect. If you ever find an answer, do let us know!

  • A certain person I know finds St John’s Wort very helpful as a pick me up when life is getting too much.

    It doesn’t combine with the pill though (she says, hoping that’s not an utterly tactles thing to say, but wanting you to know just in case).

    Also, hopefully the sunshine helped this weekend. x

  • Sheer bloody tiredness? Come south and see me, I’ll take you for a pub lunch and a walk in the woods and put you back on the train with a good book x

  • Do one thing fun every week that makes you laugh – like zumba or belly dancing (you do deserve the time to exercise and have fun – don’t limit your time because you are going to work full time).

    Do something that is really supportive once a month with girl friends – like a night out, lunch date, weekend play date – I go to a monthly woman’s group for a little meditation, some personal developmenty type stuff, and lots of chat & biscuits.

    Write a list of everything that is troubling you down on a piece of paper – work out what you are dumping straight away, what you are delegating to someone else and what you are delaying. Now hopefully you have a much shorter ‘responsibility’ list.

    Stop trying to be perfect at everything, it’s impossible

    Hope you feel better since the weekend and managed to get out in the garden with the girls xxx

  • Snafflesmummy

    Sounds very familiar. Do you drink much water and caffeine? Cut your caffeine and increase your water has been amazing for me.msadly this lesson was learn after a black out at the gym!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Down to one cup of coffee a day these days and drinking water / herbal tea but do need to make sure I’m getting enough – good reminder, thank you

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