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Nice whilst it lasted – back to full time work

Today I have sent in the paperwork to return to full time work

After all of the battles to win a chance to see if reducing my hours might be able to work out, after all of the struggles to convince my boss that it was working and that we could make it work, after all the jibes and stresses and juggling of making it work I am having to give up and go back to full time work – it smarts a bit if I’m being honest

I’ve held off doing this for as long as I can but the bottom line is that we need the money – 20% is a fairly big chunk of my salary, especially when you consider that I still pay more or less full time commuting costs

The jobs market appears to be deserted, after a year there doesn’t seem to be a great many prospects for Mr Muddling out there and we have to face up to the fact that we cannot afford to go on as we are

A large part of me is sad that it has come to this but my extra day off is luxury that we can’t afford right now

I suspect people will look at our lifestyle from the outside and suggest there are a myriad of ways we must be able to make savings

We have already done an awful lot – we don’t have holidays, we don’t eat take out, we home cook, we menu plan, we’ve cut our grocery bills right back and it isn’t as easy as saying just sell the house and move – the place is still a work in progress and I’m fairly certain there aren’t a whole bunch of people out there prepared to take it on

The only good thing is I know that we aren’t alone in this – friends who lost their jobs at the same time as Mr Muddling are still looking for jobs too, are going through the same process of cutting back, and then cutting back a bit more. At least we are in the lucky position that I have my job and can increase my hours – guarding against this situation was one of the driving reasons behind me continuing with my career after we had the girls – we’ve always known that our industry is precarious and that we needed two jobs as an insurance policy

They say austerity is going to last until 2017 – that seems an awfully long time to keep carrying on like this and with no hope of an end in sight

Time start working on those boundaries, time to start working on ways to make this change a positive, time to start hoping that something materialises in the jobs market

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4 comments to Nice whilst it lasted – back to full time work

  • Sorry lovely, I didn’t realise your husband was still off work, I thought I saw something about a job a few months ago. Mine is still off too – there is NOTHING literally in the market, very worrying.

    Maybe going back full-time will make things slightly easier, as you won’t feel so guilty or awkward. Make sure you therefore protect your weekends like gold encrusted diamonds from now on.

  • In my stats I had a click through from here (unsure why) but glad I came over for a nosey as I can really relate to this post, but I am your husband, in that it is ME out of work. Can relate to you too those as I was part-time prior to redundancy.

    The job market is dire. I spent 8 months looking and only had about 4 interviews in that time. So a few weeks ago I asked the husband if he could bare all the bills and mortgage on his own (redundancy money all gone as it was only statutory due to liquidation), and STOPPED looking. It was too time consuming and too soul destroying.

    I am happier not looking as I can focus on Aaron BUT I have had my own money for 25 years and have never relied on anyone for a penny. I have never ever been out of work. Never back-packed or taken a year out. Always worked in Uni vacations. But I still feel like I am busy, it’s just it is being a Mum instead.

    Can’t wait for this bloody recession to end to be honest.

    Liska xx

  • It’s not nice having to sacrifice and give away a bit of your freedom, but as you say there’s only so far you can cut back. Hopefully it will be a short term solution for you.

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