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5 lovely things – 10 April

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongThis has been the sort of week where Friday morning is just calling out for 5 minutes time out with a cup of tea and a few nice distractions I’ve tripped over on my journeys around the internet this week


One to make you smile

A woman woke up in the hospital with severe short-term memory loss. Her best friend wrote her this letter to help her out.  Just need a picture of those floors now…


One to do

Found via the delectable Betty Herbert – considering playing around with our bookcases to have a go at this


One to look out for

Not entirely suitable for work but wish I had come up with idea – correcting the spelling and grammar on graffiti


One to watch

On paper this shouldn’t be electrifying but it is. In 2010 Marina Abramovic did a performance art piece where she sat in a chair (stay with me) and one by one people could sit opposite her and look into her eyes. It is strangely powerful. Then her former lover Ulay arrived without her knowledge. They had a passionate relationship in the 70s and when the relationship was slowing they decided to walk from either end of the Great Wall of China (as you do) and meeting in the middle for a last embrace and never see each other again. Until now.  Watch it here


One to make

I’ve been inspired by Snafflesmummy and her desk yarnbombing and I want to make some crochet tin covers – fortunately I managed to persuade Mr M that we just had to have a batch of his super-duper red curry and the coconut milk comes in a tin…. (the red curry is a good one to make too, on reflection)

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