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Can we please focus on the 99%

I am increasingly feeling uncomfortable about the rhetoric surrounding benefits and people who claim benefits in the UK.  If you read the press it feels as if The Powers That Be have decided that we are split into a nation where you are either a striver or a sponger

Strivers work hard, want to get ahead, have to set an alarm in the morning and are Good People

And everyone else is portrayed as being work shy or trying to get something for nothing

I can see the attractiveness of trying to portray the world in black and white but this just isn’t true

What about the people who need help?

Who can’t work?

Who want to work but can’t find a job?

Who are sick?

Who are caring for someone who is sick?

What about those people who have worked hard and have suddenly had something go wrong?

I want to live in a society where people who need it get help

Surely that is the fundamental basis of the Welfare State? Surely it exists so that we don’t have a country where there is no support for the most vulnerable in society? Surely we don’t want to head back to an era of workhouses and enormous chasms between those that have and those that don’t

What can we do to change this?

If you look at the numbers surely we should stop focusing on the 1% who claim fraudulently and focus on the 99% that need our help? Yes we should investigate the fraud but it is only a small element of the picture

I pay my taxes because I believe that if I am fortunate enough to be earning enough to need to pay tax then I should pay up – perhaps we should focus on the £10 billion of legal and illegal tax avoidance by the richest people and companies, an amount that is 10 times the amount of fraudulent claims

Just think what good things could be done with that money – just think how lives can be changed positively

Can we not start thinking about the 99% and how we can do the right thing for them?

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4 comments to Can we please focus on the 99%

  • helloitsgemma

    I agree. I think it’s an awful thing for a society instead of trying to support or understand those who are vulnerable those who are struggling, those who need help, those whose lives we know very little about – instead we are being encouraged to judge, to view negatively, to perceive without understanding and it is so wrong. It does nothing for the 99% and they matter. Because there for the grace of whatever you believe go you or I.

  • There are some serious serious issues with the cuts, which will leave families unable to provide food or keep homes, and that includes working families. The shame and blame discourse about benefit recipients makes me sick. The vast majority of people want to work and would prefer not to receive benefits, but I guess it’s easier to push down these cuts by blaming the victims of society’s greed.

  • Hi, great post, I couldn’t agree more… we never know what will happen in life and may find we need assistance ourselves in the future, not because we are lazy spongers but because we are human and life happens and we all need help sometimes.

    We need more compassion and to be kind 🙂

  • I’m increasingly frustrated by the lack of action taken towards tax avoidance within big companies and the disproportionate effort to wipe out benefit fraud.

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