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Time happily spent offline

Sorry I haven’t been around much – we had a bit of a holiday over Easter and I tried to escape work for a bit, tried being the key word since I ended up in London at meetings on Thursday and spent Friday trying to juggle life with a paper that suddenly needed submitting by the end of the day

The aim was to have a week of downtime – to step away from the rat race and recharge the batteries – it did partly work but coming back to work today has been hard, the rest of the family are off doing fun things and I’m locked in the office

I’ve finished a few crochet projects, got distracted by making colourful Easter bunnies (instructions can be found here – you can do one in about an hour), had my first attempt at cooking mussels from scratch and been out scooting on my lovely new toy – a grown up sized scooter with 3 wheels for the unco-ordinated adult that doesn’t want to grow up too much (Littler decided that going down hills was more fun on my one than hers… of course).  There’s a Grand Plan that involves avoiding paying the ridiculous amount to park at the station and parking further away and scooting the last bit which is the justification for indulging myself – may need a bit more practice before I try it in heels though

I’m not sure I missed the internet that much – is this a sign that things here are coming to a natural conclusion or just that I needed a break?


Easter hols

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