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Happy 5th birthday Bigger

Happy 5th birthday Bigger

How did that happen?

How can she be 5?

It feels like a far shorter time has passed

5 years ago today (with snow on the ground as well) Bigger was born at home

It has been a funny old journey – looking at her today she has become a beautiful, tall, articulate girl and I can’t quite believe it

She has strong opinions, is starting to read and is developing, growing and changing at a pace that astounds me

Happy birthday darling girl

Bigger at 5

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  1. Happy birthday to your grown up girl xxx

    • Thank you – where did the last 5 years go?

  2. LOVE the pictures H! She looks so big. Happy Birthday big sis and well done mummy for surviving 5 years of parenting with your sanity intact! xxx

    • She’s wearing size 8 clothes! Love that she’s going to be tall, just need to make sure she thinks it is a good thing too


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