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5 lovely things – still not spring…

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongI am seriously considering hibernating – surely there has to be a law somewhere that says when you are still having to de-ice the car at nearly the end of March you are excused work until it gets a LOT warmer?  Either that or I’m going to have to start taking a hot water bottle to the offices


One to read

I linked to one of Rachel’s posts before – if you are feeling down, if you are doubting yourself read this one


One to try

I’m attempting to be more adventurous with my hair (come on changing my hairstyle after 10 years is a big thing, admittedly only by cutting a fringe in but hey start small, grow big)

Wondering if this might be a step too far for the office?

Or even better if I might be able to persuade the girls’ hair to grow quicker so I can do this with theirs


One to watch

Brought to you via my lovely friend Vix

Ever wondered what happened after the Disney princesses started their happily ever after (as an aside isn’t this bloke adorable – wonder if he does children’s parties?)


One to waste time on

A couple of minutes to fill? Who doesn’t want to see pictures of things ontop of a rabbit?


One to think about

Is it time to break up from your dream job and embrace how life has turned out and stop thinking there is something better around the corner? Should joy today be embraced in preference to thinking there is one perfect job that will make everything work out?

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