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Work/life overlap

Having to text your nanny to check who their not-best but other friends are so you can send out birthday party invitations to the right children because you aren’t quite sure who is who yet, 2 terms into the school year

Realising you are rubbish at doing plaits and bunches because you haven’t had any practice – the only saving grace is that I am MUCH less rubbish than Mr M

Realising you may have left the house having kissed both children goodbye, remembered not to kiss the nanny but left your husband out

Rummaging in your handbag for a pen only to bring out a collection of coloured pencils, a half eaten box of raisins, a spare small sock and a couple of sparkly hairclips

Finding yourself drifting into Cbeebies speak as you reply ‘super super’ a la Vegimals when asked how things are


I can’t be the only one doing these – come on share your moments of work/life confusion

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  1. Quite common I think, but still cringeworthy one- putting a little x at the end of an email to your boss…

    • Do worry about that one – had a boss who regularly signed off his voicemails to me with ‘love you’…

  2. Tomorrow I’ll go to work donning a scratch down the side if my face.
    Successfully failing to balance cutting toddlers nails and wanting to enjoy playtime after work!

    • Hate hate hate cutting nails (might still nibble the girls nails… or get someone else to do it)

  3. Be thankful you have a nanny.
    Between juggling kids between each other, family, school club, child minder and nursery we have forgotten to collect them before.

    Also got halfway to work recently when I heard ‘oh no’ from the back seat. Had forgotten to drop child off first!

    • Am eternally grateful – not least when the trains go down and I don’t have to worry about trying to find a friend who isn’t also caught up in the chaos to help out

  4. At a really stressful pitch in Copenhagen for work, travelling back to the airport in the taxi, all of us exhausted from too many late nights working on the proposal, tempers were fraying and I yelled “Look! Digger! A yellow digger!”…everyone else in the car was childless and had no idea what I was on about.

    • Tee hee – reminds me of turning to a colleague and saying, without even thinking about it, ‘what’s the magic word?’ when he didn’t say please…

  5. picking child up from the wrong child care provider. Repeatedly. Fortunately only a 10 min drive between both.

    • Oh goodness – that is why I’m so glad to have mine delivered back to me

  6. Brilliant! I’ve done the sock thing before!

    • Always a fab moment – also have failed to notice bright coloured hair clips attached to my scarves and pulling out a bright colouring pencil to make notes…


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