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5 lovely things – Mad as a March hare

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongAnother week gone by and still Spring hasn’t had the decency to turn up…

Hey ho – at least these nice things I’ve tripped over on the internet might give you a warm happy feeling for 10 minutes over a cuppa


One to watch

The evolution of Mom dancing (you’ve seen the original evolution of dance right?) – more reasons to think Michelle Obama is someone I really want to have a cup of coffee with


One to read

A lovely post from Sarah Lacy about the different paths women take to finding balance as a mother – great to read a piece that highlights that ‘having it all’ is different for everyone and you need to work out what is the right ‘all’ for you


One to sign

Did you know that 5% of sport on TV features women?  Or that there’s a list of 19 sporting events which must be shown on free-to-air TV (the FA Cup Final and Wimbledon for example) and that out of these only 6 feature female competitors?

Today is International Womens Day so please consider signing this Fair Game for Women in Sport petiton asking the Government to include a women’s sport in that list – when you consider how women’s sport did so well at the Olympics surely it isn’t that much to ask?


One to make

Yarn balls – in my head this was something I thought we might do together with the girls. In reality, after the disaster of potato printing (we are just about getting rid of all the green paint after Littler got enthusiastic…)

Will let you know how mine turn out…


One if you’re having a bad day

30 reminders that the world isn’t such a bad place – the perfect antidote to a rubbish end to the week.  And who knew the voices of Micky and Minnie Mouse got married!

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