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Pre-Spring slump

Is anyone else feeling like this?

Down in the dumps? Lacking energy? Lacking any enthusiasm? Just wanting to hibernate?

I’m assuming it is something with really really wanting it to start being Spring and to get a bit of sun and fresh air and to not be stuck indoors

It isn’t helped by work being really rather busy – too many things competing for my attention and knowing that I’m not spending enough time with the girls, I know it will balance out in time but it is still tough for us getting through it now

Mr M is busy – all task focused again which in some ways is good but does mean that I’m not sure I’ve talked to him since last weekend

Also frustrated that my toe hasn’t miraculously healed itself – still sore and I really want to start exercising again, not exercising doesn’t help my mindset either, I know it makes a difference to how I feel

I guess life is out of balance if I step back and think about it – not enough time for the things I enjoy and too much time on things I slightly resent taking up my time

Please can someone put an order in for some sunny days and some time to enjoy them?

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4 comments to Pre-Spring slump

  • You’ve just described me down to a T! I noticed a huge difference to the days where the sun comes out to play to days like today where it’s so miserable outside it turns me into a miserable mare!

    Boo to the toe! Hope your feeling better soon and that I get to see you at a conference this year 🙂 x

    • Hannah Brewer

      We have rain and fog today – super grim and I just feel so old and achy

      Bring on the Spring and lots of fun things to do outside

  • I second all of that. Although we HAVE had sunshine – it’s just a pity that it’s accompanied by minus 10degC… so over the snow this year, I can’t tell you!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Ok you win with your -10 (although we’ve got close to that this winter over here)

      Have heard rumours of more snow for us after the weekend – I am ignoring them

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