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5 lovely things – the end of half term issue

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongSorry this is a bit late on a Friday – would have been earlier but Littler decided to celebrate the end of the holiday week by projectile vomiting ALL over the car… She’s finally asleep having emptied her tummy in several different places and we think we have got rid of the smell of sick in the house (the car is a WHOLE other issue that hopefully isn’t my problem)

Thank you for all your kind words about my post earlier in the week – as ever, writing it down, realising I’m not alone has, as ever, got things back in proportion and helped me move on – thank you internet peoples

So here we are – half term is over – and here a few fun things I’ve tripped over on the internet this week


One to read 

Love that someone has taken the time to work out some useful words for which there is no English equivalent but there should be – reminds me of a friend who write dictionaries and always seems to know that there is just the right word someone, in some language

My particular favourite is Kaelling a Danish word for that woman (obviously not me ever…) who stands on her doorstep (or in the road or the supermarket or the park or in fact anywhere there are other people) and shouts/curses at her children.  Wonder if there is a Danish equivalent of Friday gin o’clock?


One to watch

Is this the new Gangnam Style? The Harlem Shake is a dance craze that I’m told originated in Harlem in the 80s – YouTube has been swamped by thousands of videos of people doing their own 30 second routines like this one

Or this one from the Norwegian Army

There don’t seem to be many rules except flail about and mostly you seem to need to wear a silly outfit…

Enjoy (and at least this one won’t have your children signing ‘heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy laydee…’)


One to add to the wish list

Ignoring the fact that these look a bit too much like the figures Mr M has somewhere to populate the model railway that hasn’t yet been built, look you can have little people made into jewellery – you pop in your specifications and they find them to match – they’re also not nuts at £16 for a pair of earrings (plus postage)


One to make you smile

A bunch of Irish ‘creatives’ – think designers, animators, illustrators and directors got together and made their worst client feedback into posters – transforming quotes that might have you banging your head on the desk whilst weeping quietly into fun posters. Sadly they aren’t selling them anymore

Wonder if there’s an opening for a blog transforming PR advances into posters?


One to waste 5 minutes on

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself

I never saw another butterfly”

Nope I haven’t started to write in poetry but if you have a few minutes spare head on over to Google Poetics which collates screengrabs of poetic search results – it started in November and has enough to last a cup of coffee plus a bit

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