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In search of some good luck

I had hoped that 2013 was going to be A Good Year – that we’d have said goodbye to 2012 and the things that hadn’t gone all that well and move on into a year of Good Things

I sat up to welcome in the New Year and to burn rosemary to get rid of the bad vibes, I was not letting anything up to chance

Initially it did seem like 2013 was going better – Littler’s arm finally decided to heal and to grow back straight (or straighter), Bigger got a fab report from school and she has settled in brilliantly and life was ok – things were rosier, things were ok

Until last week that is – suddenly the sense of being doomed was back

The insides of one of our chimneys decided to fall down into one of the bedrooms – checking it appears that all of them have a similar problem so I guess we will have to repair all 4 chimneys… oh the joy and expense

Fence panels have been blown down in the recent high winds – we need to fix them, they’ve wiped out bits of the veggie patch – more expense and the start of it feeling as if the Money Pit is living up to its name again

The job that had looked to be on the horizon for Mr M disappeared in a puff of smoke – yes it wasn’t perfect but it had looked like perhaps being the start of things improving on that side of things

I smashed a beautiful glass carafe – stupid thing to do, one of those horrid solid ceramic sink, clumsy Muddling moments and bash – broken and too expensive to replace

I have broken my big toe in 2 places and am on crutches – was just getting into 30 day shred, had all manner of great plans and now am hobbling around in a ridiculous amount of pain from something so small and silly and I’ve had to give in and spend money I’d rather spend on nice things on ugly shoes I can fit over my splinted toe

I know that in some ways we are lucky but I am not sure I can face another prolonged period of things going wrong – can someone find me a magic wand to just nudge things into going a bit better for a while? I don’t want to win the lottery (although that would be super if you can arrange it) just to make sure that nothing else goes wrong for a little bit

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