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5 lovely little things – TGI Friday

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling AlongThe sun is shining, the snow has melted, admittedly the garden is like a bog but hey it is starting to feel like perhaps, just perhaps it is getting closer to Spring

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned – here are some lovelies I’ve tripped over on my travels this week


One to read

 I loved the Parasol Protectorate books – not sure how I tripped over them (probably something to do with Madame Guillotine?) – but I rushed through them all and have re-read since.  What’s not to love about a super feisty leading lady, dapper vampires and macho werewolves?  As I said not my usual book but I loved them.  I was super excited to see Gail Carriger has another book out and it is lots of fun – trouble is that my Goth teen alter ego wants to get all steampunked up now…

That said, if that isn’t really your sort of thing you should check out my two fabulous friends Rachael and Helen who both have books out this week – Sealed with a kiss is a super romantic story about love, seals and Scotland, Knackered Mother’s Wine Club is just that – everything you wanted to know about wine but were too busy juggling kids, trying to get some sleep and bewildered by all the labels to ask


One to make 

Admittedly Valentines has sort of passed but just in case you are celebrating at the weekend then these are super speedy to make – beautiful little hearts

Last year I speed crocheted some to make Valentines hair clips to leave for the girls  – this year I’m going to be making some to hang on some branches to try and entice spring into my kitchen

One to do

I’m probably the last person on the planet to know this but go into google and type in ‘askew’– little things…


One to watch

 This is just a  beautiful way to spend a minute and a half – the journey of a water droplet told through a pop up book (as you do) – it took them nearly a year to make


One for the Londoners

An oyster card in a bracelet – if only it wasn’t £70…

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