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Weekend crochet project – rosy tea cosy

how to make a crochet rose topped tea cosyI saw this last week and loved the way it looked – I have a very utilitarian steel teapot – lovely and big but not beautiful and even when standing on the Aga the tea doesn’t stay warm for all that long

I did fiddle with the pattern – my cosy needs more increases to start with and I used a larger hook to see if I could get it done faster.  I also added on an extra rose and more leaves – it needed more uptop to cover the bald patches…

The roses are this design which is VERY forgiving if you get confused whilst sorting out the foundations – just find the next gap and crochet into it.  The leaves didn’t look right when I followed the original pattern so I played around with variations on Attic24’s version

This took me an afternoon interrupted by two school runs, having to be sociable and doing children’s tea – aran weight yarn and a size 5 hook made it grow in next to no time

I’m tempted to start making these for all the upcoming birthdays – just need to work out a generic tea pot size and I’ll be off – just act surprised if you get one!

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