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Crochet granny square colour block blanket tah dah!

Crochet granny square colour block blanket tah dah!

how to crochet a granny colour block blanket I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but a combination of working late and photos looking rubbish when taken at night and having to wrestle this back from upstairs beds because it has already been stolen away has delayed things… but finally here you are – my colourful granny square blanket

I found myself day dreaming about a new blanket design part way through my granny patchwork blanket – I had the yarn ordered and ready to go almost before I’d sewn in the last end on that one and was up and away

It’s another design that lends itself to commuting – big squares which don’t need lots of balls of wool that can be done in small spaces and crocheted together later

The design is a bog standard granny square - 8 rounds of the main colour and then 4 rounds of the 2nd – edged with one round of cream and then a round to join-as-you-go – the joy of large colour blocks is that you have fewer ends to sew in, especially if you use this technique to weave in ends as you go (I don’t go to quite the same lengths to weave in for so long if I’m being honest)

Typically I dithered over the edging – the initial idea was a couple of rounds of cream and more stripes to bring out the main colours as I did in the granny patchwork – it didn’t look right and I had to unravel and start all over again with just cream.   It might need a bit more something but at the moment I like the simplicity of 8 cream granny rows around the edge

This edging sits much better than the last one I did – this time the 1st outside round has a triple cluster spread 2 stitches on one square, 2 stitches on the next square rather than 2 full triple clusters

Trouble is that instead of sitting in our snug, ready to warm legs on chilly evenings, Mr M has appropriated it and I have to keep recovering it from upstairs… or I just need to make another blanket for downstairs…

how to make a colour block crochet square blanket

Yarn – Heritage DK (yes acrylic but also with plenty of wool so it does feel nice and warm)

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  1. It looks lovely. I am working my way through an enormous blanket and I use an acrylic too as with young children about I want to be able to wash it easily… if I ever finish it!

    • You will – have found with all mine you suddenly hit your stride and it gets done faster towards the end (apart from sewing in ends – HATE sewing in ends)

  2. I bloloming love this and guess what I am meeting Denise (snaffles Mummy) for a hooky lesson tomorrow!

    • Yay! Try one of these – REALLY really easy to do honestly

  3. That blanket looks fab, I love the colours.

    • Thank you – love bold brights (just need to reclaim the blasted thing from upstairs)


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