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5 lovely little things – something to round off the week

5 lovely little things – something to round off the week

5 lovely little things badge by Muddling Along Here are a few nice bits and pieces I’ve stumbled across on the internet this week – small enough to enjoy over a cup of tea on a Friday morning before the craziness of the weekend hits

Have a great weekend


One to cook

Wondering if I have time to start up a sourdough starter so I can make bread more often… because there is nothing as nice as the smell of fresh bread

One to make

Another project to go onto the crafting list because this beautiful flower-topped teacosy has to be better than resting the tea pot on the Aga and we all need more prettiness in our lives

One to learn

Does anyone know where I can learn how to be better at little girl hair styling – really want to be able to do do’s like this rather than struggling to get bunches in straight

One to read

Rachael pointed me in the direction of this lovely blog – this is a must read if you have ever felt like you are not doing well enough as a parent (and let me tell you right now that you are doing WONDERFULLY, really you are)

One to watch

This beautiful short animated film has been nominated for an Oscar – if you have 6 minutes you won’t regret spending them watching this

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  1. I loved this post, I have shared it on my blog. The post by Rachel that you linked to was wonderful, thank you, I needed this today x

    • I’m glad you liked it – thought that post was absolutely wonderful to read

  2. I loved I post. Can you please do them regularly. The one to read hit a chord is me. Feel I can be a good wife or a good mum or have a tidy home but never all together.

    • well since you ask nicely – hope you had a lovely weekend

  3. Lovely post, just wish I’d seen it on Friday instead of a Monday evening when I’m drowning in work with no time to daydream and plan!

    • Come back next week?



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