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Who am I and where should I be going?

I’m fairly certain the current, ongoing problem I have with bloggers block is that I’m stumped about what to write

I’ve been writing here for the better part of 4 years and in general just wittering on about whatever is top of my mind and not really worrying about whether it is the right thing to write or not – trouble is that now I’m wondering if you, the people who have to read it all, actually enjoy those things or there are bits that drive you up the wall

Would you mind awfully popping over and filling in a quick survey (shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes) – be honest, please.  This isn’t an attempt to ask people to tell me how marvellous I am (unless you really really want to of course) but because I genuinely need to get some information so I can work out where this place goes next

Thank you

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