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A different perspective

A combination of working a few more days than I had planned (thank you whoever cursed me with something ALWAYS blowing up at work just before Christmas) and the resultant rush to get everything wrapped and done before Christmas  and then rolling into travelling the country visiting family meant that any draft of a post to round up 2012 and welcome in 2013 got lost in a mass of scribbles and forgotten – sorry.

So belatedly Happy New Year – welcome to 2013

I am so glad 2012 is over – it wasn’t a great year for us in many, many ways – I sat up on New Year’s Eve waiting to watch the old year out and welcome in the new one, complete with a sternly voiced suggestion that it buck up its ideas and make this a nice year for us.  Fully embracing my hippy side I also set fire to some rosemary in the hope of smoking out the bad vibes – might have worked better if I’d remembered to bring in the rosemary and dry it but hopefully it might do something to nudge luck a bit more in our direction

I’ve reluctantly, sadly and with enormous amounts of regret decided that we need to draw a line under the baby thing – I’m going to get rid of all of the things I have been hoarding and try to move on.  Life is not supposed to be lived in fortnightly increments.  There is an infinitesimal chance it might work out but at least, looking at this from a different perspective (and I will blog properly about it soon) I won’t need to bother with contraception and the hassle that involves.  Every cloud etc etc

Looking at things from a different angle it is not perhaps that we are limited to our two but that Littler is a miracle when you consider everything we went through – we are lucky and need to embrace and enjoy what we have

So this year is not about making up resolutions to beat myself up with – yes I will try and exercise more, shift some of the misery pounds I have put on and to try and not get so beaten down by everything – this year is more about accentuating the positive, embracing the good and enjoying life a bit more

So far I’ve got babysitting booked so we can have some nights out just the two of us, we’re planning more family day trips out after a fab day at the Tower of London and I will be getting rid of all the baby stuff (in an ideal world I’ll be able to sell some of the good stuff so we can fund the first two)

So any suggestions for nice family days out in and around London?  Any ideas to help embrace the positive?  Any tricks for selling unwanted baby things?

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10 comments to A different perspective

  • TheMadHouse

    I hope 2013 is kind to you. Maxi came along after ten years of trying and then we stopped, bought a bloody expensive house and pow!

    Regarding selling baby things, I popped it on eBay after speaking to friends to see if anyone needed anything.

    Netmums also have a sale board and you will find local sale pages on Facebook, which are often better than ebay. I found a lot of Grans bough the boys things, but I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

    My winter manifesto is to do one thing each day and to do it well!

    • Am exploring ebay right now – will be good for the soul to get it out of the house and passed on to people who want / need it rather than it just lying around the place

      I like your winter manifesto – a good one to bear in mind

  • I hope ‘letting go’ of the baby things is therapeutic. At the end of the day you can’t change what you want or wish for, but hopefully your change in perspective will help you to embrace the good and enjoy life. That is the best resolution I’ve heard so far: very positive 🙂

  • kninki

    What a brave decision. Please allow yourself a bit of space to grieve, but sincerely I hope you are able to find peace.

    As for embracing the positive, I’m a big believer in taking pleasure in the little things. I’ve kind of trained myself to look out for simple, fleeting moments of beauty or joy, and just taking a minute to appreciate them. It somehow makes the bigger picture less bleak and gives you a sense of balance. Does that make sense?

    Wishing you a happier year, anyway. It’s high time you had better luck. X

    • I think that makes sense – hoping that a clear out will release some mental space as well as physical space and we might be able to declutter a bit more about the place and end up with a tidier, clearer home and it then roll into everything

      Am probably delusional!

  • I hope you have the most fantastic 2013.
    After hearing you at Britmums… I am such a fan (in a non-stalker like way) and just so wish you every happiness… and I hope it emerges in the most unexpected places.

    As for trying to raise a few pennies, and have some family fun- I can’t rate car boot sales (in good weather) highly enough! We manage to make money (probably not what we may have on ebay- but less hassle) for a few treats. My little one (3) loved having her own shop for the afternoon!

    • Thank you – I’m hoping that this is the year our luck changes and life becomes a bit less of a slog

      I’m sorting out what I can and then think high value stuff onto Ebay and then possibly car boot or, gulp, NCT sale…

  • Thebarrenyears

    I’m sorry you ‘ve had to make that decision but hurrah for drawing a line & no contraception!
    As for selling dw is a good 1st port of call x

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