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Winter has arrived

Winter has properly arrived – not only am I having to scrape ice off the car in the mornings, I’m having to do it all over again when I get home at night.  Needless to say my joy knows no bounds – am fairly certain that one of Mr M’s jobs over the summer was to sort out the garage but it appears to have not quite made it to the top of the list…

Woke up this morning to an inch of snow and the place looking magical

I did consider not going into work and staying at home and not fighting my way in – turns out, when I emerged slightly hot and rather wrapped up, that London wasn’t exactly experiencing the same weather conditions

Yup Mrs Shackelton was a little over dressed for the office – fortunately I keep a few pairs of shoes under my desk for just such an eventuality – and at least the warm boots and coat meant that I hadn’t frozen whilst waiting for my train to arrive

Just have to hope it isn’t too icy driving home

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