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What a weekend…

… or rather how we broke Littler

10 days ago she fell off a slide in the small person bit of soft play and we found out she had broken her arm – they tried to set it but left us with the less than comforting words ‘we may not have got it straight’.  On Friday we went back for another x-ray and it appeared far from having not quite got it straight, it was decidedly bent and not right

So bent and not right that we found ourselves in a whirlwind and onto a list for operating the next morning, subject to me calling them at 6am and there being a bed on the ward…

There was a bed and at 7am Littler and I presented ourselves on Starfish ward for them to get us ready for her to have it re-set under a general anaesthetic

I think it’s safe to say that it was a horrid day for both of us – the staff were excellent and put up with Littler asking the consultant why he wasn’t a lady doctor (ha! go that girl!) and dealt admirably with her absolute, screaming, flat refusal to be touched by anyone other than me and a nurse she had taken a shine to

Holding your child whilst they put them under is probably the worst thing I have ever done – I do not know how other mothers cope with doing it more than once and I realised that we are so lucky, so lucky that our two are so healthy

We now have an arm that should be straight (please let it stay straight please), an IMMENSE plaster cast and an appointment to go back on Friday to hopefully find out that it is healing properly

Littler has bounced back and is yet again running around the place – I’m going to take a little longer to put this behind me

Leaving her asleep, curled around this enormous cast and looking so fragile to go to work was so hard – emotionally this has been so tough, I just want someone to cuddle me and tell me I did ok and this will all be ok rather than having to hold everything together and to be brave and strong

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23 comments to What a weekend…

  • Mummy Vs Work

    Glad she’s on the mend!

    You did amazing, when Kayleigh had to have her lip stitched I sent her daddy in with her whilst she was put to sleep and sobbed I my heart out. She didn’t even flinch!

    Hope this week is a bit more stress free!

  • Allow me… you did and it will be and it’s ok not to be the one who holds everything together. Nobody can do that all the time. But you did. Respect, as the kids say. I’m not sure how I’d have coped!

  • Sounds horrid, my smallest is having grommets next week, maybe I shouldn’t have read this! Dreading the GA x

  • It is so tough, and the cliche is true that the little ones are far more resilient than their parents x
    One of the twins had to have an operation at 10weeks and I fell apart, and I knew it was one op that would make him better, and at least there was a cure… but it doesn’t stop your heart breaking a little bit that you can’t make it better.
    But you’ve done it, you’re stronger for it, and once that arm’s back out of plaster- think of all the cuddles! x

    • Thanks – heart vs head is a horrible one – a plus point has been that at least I’ve had lots of cuddles whilst we’ve been doing all this, she’s not usually very affectionate but has been recently, every cloud has a silver lining !

  • That Dotterel is a properly smart man who gives sage advice. Hope you are all recovered from what must have been a very traumatic time.Send virtual hugs and chocolate.

  • You got through it, so you’ve done brilliantly. I sobbed until I was almost sick when Bigger was put under general anaesthetic. I hated it and never want to him to go through that again, even though almost 5 years later he remembers nothing about it. Now we have the prospect of a tonsilectomy looming if he has another episode of tonsilitis and I really don’t want him to have it 🙁

    But as I said, you got through it. Littler got through it and she’ll be showing off that cast at nursery before you know it. Children are so resilient, as are you. Now go and have a good cry and get it out of your system. Sending those ((hugs))

  • Sounds like an utterly horrendous weekend. What a thing to have to go through – and then to get right back up and go to work today… horrid. But you are doing a sterling job and should be applauded for getting on with things through gritted teeth. Well done, I know it must be bloody hard. x

  • Legal mummy

    Oh no! That sounds awful. I have to take little miss K for her jabs in a few weeks and just dreading it. Each time I wish it were me that was being subjected to any pain. It’s so awful seeing them suffer but it’s so good that littler bounced straight back into action.

  • Knowing how horrid it is to let someone put your baby to sleep I am sure you did fantastically. Poor girl sounds like she has had a tough time, here’s hoping to better times for all of you x

  • Poor you, poor littler. You will cope because you always do, but in the meantime it’s okay to fall apart a bit. Good luck with Friday xxx

  • Horrible weekend for sure. Really hope all will be fine. Have been there with the general anaesthetic, it’s awful. My little one was 11 weeks, they offered for me not to be there as it upsets parents so much, but of course I’d rather be upset than not there. Hope you’re feeling a bit better after all this and that things are looking up a bit

    • You are so right – I’d absolutely have rather been there and had to go through it than left her alone, even letting them take her into theatre without me felt wrong

      Hopefully we are plaster off next week!

  • Aaaaw poor thing – mummy and bub. Sounds like she has bounced back really well. We spent a week in hospital with our little one, she is ten months now but was three days old then. She was dehydrated. It was a terrible time. Thankfully it was just poor feeding that caused her dehydration rather than anything sinister. Scary though. I don’t how parents of poorly little ones cope. xx

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