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The Granny Patchwork Blanket tah dah!

I have really, really loved making this granny patchwork blanket – it has been super speedy (just over a month from start to finish AND all the ends sewn in) probably because it is so portable and I could carry around a few squares to crochet on the go and join them all up when I got home.  The whole joining on the go thing is fabulous – less sewing, very neat and once you get over needing another hand, very easy to do

There’s also something very calming about granny squares – they hook along quickly and without needing too much brain involvement – in some ways the perfect thing to do on the sofa whilst watching TV, it’s also brain-off enough to let me read and hook – I’ve loved getting back into reading properly

Apart from a minor disaster involving a poo explosion and a nearly finished blanket it has been plain sailing and at least the poo explosion meant I could block it out after giving it a first wash

It’s hooked in acrylic but an acrylic that isn’t too, well acrylic-y feeling if you see what I mean – it’s also really reasonably priced and apart from a few very favourite colours I’ve got lots of nice bits left over to make other things with (didn’t like the colour called shrimp though – have nearly a whole ball of that because I could only face one square in it)

Only trouble is that having finally got around to making a blanket for us, rather than to give away, I now have to fight to snuggle under it – guess that means I need to start on another blanket project pronto, oh dear what a shame…

Isn’t it beautiful?

Inspiration from the wonderful Attic24

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