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Dolly hair rescue, tasty treats and snuggly afternoons

Can’t believe that half term is over already – Bigger being Bigger leapt out of bed this morning determined to get into her uniform and off to school IMMEDIATELY.  Littler being Littler had to be extracted from under her duvet 20 minutes later with a crowbar – should I worry that she has started sleeping with only a tuft of hair showing above her duvet cover and blanket?

We had a lovely week – lots of time spent not having to rush around.  We made tasty treats for Halloween – pumpkin brittle, chocolate ghosts and cinder toffee – I got on with the granny patchwork blanket  (am on the edging – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) and may have tripped and found some new yarn for another granny inspired design – yes I know there are a million other things I should be getting on with but nothing beats sitting and doing a bit of crochet with a warm blanket over your knees – now if only I could find a way to get someone else to sew in all those pesky ends…

I snapped and we spent a morning de-tangling the hair on the legions of princess dolls we appear to have accumulate – the trick appears to be to use boiling water and brute force – but it is REALLY satisfying when you get them changed from looking like they’ve been dragged through a haystack backwards to nearly looking as good as when they were out of the box

It has been lovely to be away from work for a bit – shock to the system to be back today but at least it is not too terribly long until my next holiday at *ahem* you know what

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