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Small hats of loveliness

There have been a lot of babies being born recently (and many more to come, if you’re wanting a baby make sure you either work with me or are friends – the pregnancy rate is mind blowing, especially given it STILL isn’t working for us…) which has meant a lot of rapid fire knitting

I was expecting there to be some girls in the mix and I’ve designed a very cute little girl hat which has now been sat on our mantlepiece of 6 months as we’ve had a huge run of boys recently

The pattern is a derivation of the top knot hat I’ve knitted before but with added stars and flowers – it is small enough to carry along with you and takes an evening or so to make.  The best thing about the magic loop is that you have two ends to sew in and you’re done – perfect for people who hate sewing in ends…

Look at them – aren’t they cute!

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