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Happy 3rd birthday Littler

How on earth can it be three years already since she arrived???

We always knew Littler would be special – she held on and fought so hard to stay with us during that pregnancy – the fact that she has turned out to be opinionated and stubborn really shouldn’t be a surprise… we named her for my Grandmother because of those character traits after all

She is so different from Bigger – something that shouldn’t surprise me but does regularly

The process of getting her here was something we are only now really starting to get over, the fact that she is here and she is who she is a matter of wonder – she is both easier and harder to love than my Bigger, she is herself and true to herself and I love her dearly for that

Sorry about the blurred picture – it just sums her up so well and in the style of so many reality TV programmes, here are a few posts giving the background and her best bits

Dairy free life

Littler at 2 years

Littler at 1

Littler at 6 months

On being sisters

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