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Blanket addiction

Blanket addiction

I’m afraid important things like sleeping, housework and blogging are rather taking a back burner at the moment – I’m immersed in a new blanket project and everything else will just have to wait ok?

Inspired by a granny patchwork post over at Attic24 and following Sarah London’s granny square pattern (which makes lovely even squares) and joining as I go (which reduces down the sewing time dramatically and adds to the oooooooh look how it is growing love)

So from a first square done whilst waiting in hospital (amazing how wrestling with a new thing can take your mind off panicking)

Through a few more rows (and realising I really need to learn how to take better photos)

And lots of lovely evenings with a book, my hook and a small glass of something whilst warming my toes by the fire with this beauty on my lap

I can do a couple of squares (if I can get a seat) in each direction on the train and, well, everything else can just wait until I’m done.  At this rate it isn’t going to take terribly long

At least I can spend time pondering how to edge it, persuading myself to sew in the ends (soooooooooooooooooo tedious) and trying to not get sucked into another idea I’ve had for one straight after this…

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    • Or should probably be off getting stuff done on the to do list



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