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An anti-climax & a thank you – an update on me

Thank you to everyone who was kind to me, who asked after me and sent their best wishes – I really appreciated it and was touched

Last Thursday was ‘interesting’ – despite having been scheduled to go in for surgery early I got pushed back and got to spend what felt like many hours starting my new mega blanket (more on that shortly) which at least kept me occupied and from running out of the place saying I’d changed my mind and perhaps I’d go back to not wanting to find out about anything…

The procedure itself was really not pleasant – reasonably painful (mild discomfort my arse…) and undignified but at least by being awake I got to make sure they didn’t accidentally remove a leg.  My habitual hilarious banter when in these sort of situations completely deserted me unfortunately (or probably fortunately for the nurses)

What I hadn’t be prepared for was how shaken I was afterwards and how wiped out and uncomfortable I felt.  It took about two days to feel normal-ish which was a surprise but perhaps if I’d read the pre-op information rather than ignoring it I’d have realised.  Having looked through everything afterwards perhaps I should have thought it all through a bit more…

The end result is that it was a bit of a fuss about nothing but at least we know it was a fuss about nothing

Not quite sure where this leaves us on the baby plans – do we carry on trying, do we try and shift the odds or do we just give up and draw a line under it all.  I don’t know – tired and feeling hormone-y is probably not the best place to make any decision and deep down I’m still hoping it will all sort itself out magically (ok I know that isn’t going to happen but you can dream)

The bottom line is everything is fine and I’ve been forcibly reminded about what good friends I have – thank you

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