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Commuter crochet – or the art of controlling small things

If you can’t control the big things in life, find something small, grab it and make it do what you want to and you will feel better – and baby step by baby step you’ll find yourself getting bigger and bigger things under control

Or at least that is the theory – great plans and all that

With so much going on, my brain feels full and with too much fizzing around in it – answer, find a small moment of quiet, something that requires attention and little space for the worries to ease their way in – a mental 5 minutes peace as it were

Work means a train commute (also a car drive and a walk but those aren’t so amenable to this) each way – about half an hour on the train, with a seat if you are lucky or have commuted for years and have perfected knowing exactly which inch of the platform to stand on so the train doors open in front of you – this skill has been slightly complicated by my train company now running 3 different types of trains, all of which stop in slightly different places but hey, it makes the game more competitive I guess…

It is a commute where I can sit down for nearly half an hour – I have tried knitting but that seems to require more elbow movement than my fellow commuters are totally happy with, especially if they are on the *ahem* bigger end of the spectrum, crochet seems to need less arm movement and can be stopped without having to be at the end of a row (nothing says stress like drawing into your station halfway through a row!  Noooooooooooooo don’t you understand it can’t just get chucked in a bag I might Lose A Stitch!)

This last week I have been taking my little bag of scraps of wool, my hook and playing around with crochet on the train – teeny tiny flowers, multi-layered flowers, the first prototype for a cup warmer and even winter mittens for the girls (I think I have perfected the pattern now)


It’s a nice feeling getting to work and having a little pile of something small and pretty come out of the commute rather than having spent half an hour staring at the back of someone else’s paper or having fretted over this or that

Next job is to make sure the next big blanket project is equally transportable – I like my little stolen minutes of crochet time

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