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Last minute weekend away & why we love our scooters

Mr M was offered a chance to do a bit of sailing at the weekend and at almost the very last minute we all decided to head down and spend the weekend away – normally I’m more of a plan in advance than a last minute type but it was wonderful to sneak away together

Whilst Mr M was off messing about on boats and having a Jolly Good Time, us girls spent a morning mooching around Cowes and the girls perfecting their scooting (or is it scootering?).  Bigger was very lucky to have been sent a maxi micro scooter* by the lovely people at Microscooter to try now she has grown out of her little scooter.  Her old scooter (are you keeping up?) was ready to be handed down to Littler but was looking a bit… well… tired.  Microscooter have the great service where you can buy all the bits so a worn out scooter can be given a full facelift for less than £30 – Littler choose a bright pink floor and bright green handles for her ‘new’ scooter – I’m fairly certain that we won’t be finding another family with the same colour scheme around the place

The best discovery was that scooting is preferable to walking for my two (and we are struggling a bit with the fact that Littler’s legs keep stopping working and she demands to be carried… ok if you have a strapping husband but less good if you’re going to have to carry small child, scooter AND a bag of various stuff and *ahem* a bottle of wine you may have picked up…) and they’ll happily scoot for far longer than they’ll walk

Only problem was that it is exponentially harder to control two small people on wheels than when they are walking – fortunately we started off on a pedestrianised street and so only had to dodge various humans rather than cars and the such like.  Immense apologies to the good people of Cowes – think we’ve got the not scooting off, not trying to trip up passers by, not hitting things thing better now…**




And scooting REALLY wears them out – both fell asleep in the car and had a nice long nap (hurray!)

We then spent the rest of the afternoon pottering about on the beach – the girls dug sandcastles, climbed rocks and played chicken with the sea (yes, both ended up drenched… of course) whilst I got on with a bit of knitting and sitting

It was lovely – calm, fun and happy time spent together and a total break from the daily grind


* Microscooter kindly sent us a maxi microscooter to try – the facelift to our old mini scooter we paid for ourselves and we’ll do the same again when Bigger grows out of the next size up or when Littler’s scooter is passed onto my littlest nephew and needs to be less pink.  Only trouble is I now want a big person scooter for me – I reckon commuting via scooter has to be the Next Big Thing and it might mean I can keep up wtih the girls!

** They do normally have helmets except someone forgot to pack them in the rush to leave…

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