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Re-learning to walk in high heels

I’ve been struggling to post a coherent blog post – too much going on and too many thoughts whizzing around my head

September is a strange month – so many different feelings

The sadness at the end of the summer holidays – an end to bare legs, flip flops, comfy clothes and hours spent in the garden pottering around – an end to no alarm clock and long lazy mornings in bed as a family

The excitement of the start of a new year – Bigger has started school and sprinted in without a look backwards.  They asked if she was used to be being left and well, yes she is – since she was 5 months old she has been part of our strange communal extended family child raising project

The feeling of time running away from you – we’ve been married for 8 years now, together for 15, Bigger is 5 next year and Littler will be 3 next month – where did all this time go?  How do I stop things rushing away from me so fast?

The bittersweet return to working life – yes it is nice to get back to work, to catch up with colleagues and to get back into the swing of things but I miss my family and high heels are a nightmare to walk in after a month of flat shoes

The happiness at getting back into a routine – this may just be me but it is nice to get back into meal planning, having a daily routine and having a bit more structure after a month of almost no structure apart from needing to provide meals at regular intervals

The panic at the realisation that Christmas is only just over three months away – am fairly certain it should be longer but I haven’t yet known my diary to lie… Where has this year gone?

And so whilst all of that continues to whizz around and I realise that if I’m going to blog I just need to sit down and start tapping and hope the words flow, I leave you with this photo which reminds me of a lovely afternoon sat in the sun enjoying summery things

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